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ILO employment-intensive interventions promote decent work in Iraq

In Dohuk, Iraq, the ILO and local authorities have launched employment-intensive interventions in water irrigation and waste management. The schemes support decent employment for Syrian refugees, internally displaced persons and host community members. The majority of participants are women.

Date issued: 29 June 2021 | Size/duration: 00:04:00

The ILO approach ensures that workers are employed under decent working conditions. This includes promoting formal employment and equal opportunities for women and men that can lead to more sustainable jobs in the future. It also includes ensuring Occupational Safety and Health measures are in place and providing transportation for women workers to and from their place of work.

The labour-intensive work is helping clean and repair a total of 50 KM of irrigation channels, improving the efficiency of transporting water from the source to farm areas in a number of districts in the Duhok Governorate. It is also improving solid waste management by increasing the capacity of the Kwashe Sorting Plant, through operating a second line at the plant.