ILO conducts technical workshop for Iraqi government and social partners on International Labour Standards reporting

The workshop provided information and tools to assist the government and social partners in reporting on ILS.

The ILO held a two-day technical workshop with representatives of the Iraqi Government and social partners to enhance their capacities in reporting on International Labour Standards.

International Labour Standards cover a broad range of subjects related to the world of work. These standards can be either conventions, which are binding international treaties, or recommendations, which are non-binding. The ILO provides technical assistance to help member States ratify and observe conventions, and supervises their application.

The workshop was part of efforts to support Iraq in providing regular reports to the ILO on the application of international labour standards instruments.

Sessions covered during the technical workshop included: reporting on ILO Conventions and Recommendations; materials to better understand Conventions and Recommendations; the role of workers and employers in reporting; navigating the NORMLEX database, and preparing detailed reports.

Iraq has ratified 70 ILO Conventions, (61 of which are currently in force) including all 8 fundamental conventions and the three out of the four governance (priority) Conventions.

Since 2004, the ILO and Iraq’s Government, workers’ and employers’ organizations have worked closely to promote Decent Work and strengthen the labour market in the country.

In 2019, the ILO in partnership with the Government and social partners signed Iraq’s first Decent Work Country Programme (DWCP)  for the period 2019-2023 and in 2020, the ILO established its first coordination office in Baghdad, to expand its work to promote employment opportunities and decent work principles.