Labor migration

ILO trains Jordanian journalists and government officials on fair labor migration reporting

The training session covered key labour migration topics including human trafficking and right-based approaches.

To further increase outreach to journalists, the ILO partnered with the Jordan News Agency ‘PETRA’ to carry out an intensive 3-day training programme from 27 to 29 August 2019 aimed at  increasing journalists’ knowledge of labour migration, investigative reporting techniques and methods to promote a more nuanced understanding of the situation of migrant workers in Jordan.
Bringing together 47 participants, including journalists as well as government representatives from the Directorate of Media and Community Communication at MOL, and a variety of local and international civil society organizations, the training  covered topics including:
  • The role of the media in promoting a balanced public understanding of migration
  • Indicators of human trafficking
  • Rights-based language and reporting styles when reporting on migrant workers.
The training sessions also aimed to hone participants’ skills through practical exercises covering reporting and investigation techniques, media ethics, mechanisms of writing different types of stories and engaging social media.

The ILO’s FAIRWAY project has been a strong supporter of ensuring fair reporting on topics around migration and migrant workers, having developed the Media-Friendly Glossary on Migration: Middle East Edition, and carried out newsroom visits to nearly a dozen media outlets in Lebanon and Jordan.