Jordan enhances gender neutral job evaluations

The ILO, Jordan’s National Committee for Pay Equity and various employment specialists attend a workshop to bolster pay equity and gender neutrality in the private education sector.

Government officials and employment specialists from private schools, civil society, trade unions and professional associations in Jordan are to be provided with training in gender neutral job evaluation methods at a workshop organized by the ILO and Jordan’s National Committee for Pay Equity . The workshop aims to:
  • deepen participant’s understanding of ILO gender-based pay equity methods;
  • build on the results of an in-depth ILO study on pay equity in Jordan’s private education sector;
  • pilot gender neutral job evaluations practices between civil society, government as well as trade unions in private education with the aim of rolling out similar methods in other sectors; and
  • identify potential national trainers to undertake gender-neutral job evaluations and draft concrete recommendations in Jordan's private schools.
The workshop is part of the ILO project “Re-valuing Women’s Employment: Implementing Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value in Jordan,” which aims to promote equal remuneration for work of commensurate value in Jordan.