ILO to launch employment support for refugee-hosting communities in Jordan

ILO is working with refugee-hosting communities in Mafraq and Irbid to create jobs in agriculture.

A series of participatory analysis and training activities to assess selected economic sectors’ value chains and train Jordanian communities to use them to improve job prospects in communities hosting Syrian refugees will take place in the northern Jordanian governorates of Mafraq and Irbid. The activities are part of the ILO’s efforts to support the development and livelihood of communities affected by the Syrian refugee crisis under the ILO project “Enhancing access to employment opportunities and livelihoods in host communities,” which takes place in coordination with the United Nations Development Programme in Jordan.

Value chain assessments in the governorates of Mafraq and Irbid will be conducted in tandem with interventions that stimulate employment creation in the selected agro-business sectors throughout the month of November. The ILO’s activities target disadvantaged communities that may have been affected by the increased competition in the labour market and raising unemployment generated by an increase in workers from Syria.