Enterprise development

Jordanian communities hosting Syrian refugees meet to enhance value chain development

Jordanian host communities in Mafraq and Irbid begin the process of value chain analysis and development in the agricultural sector.

Communities hosting Syrian refugees in Jordan will meet with the ILO to begin to improve value chain development as part of a wider response to mitigate the effects of the refugee crisis on host communities in Jordan. The meeting will target key stakeholders and comprise of value chain analysis in the agricultural sector, namely the production of olives in Irbid and tomatoes in Mafraq. Communities will be introduced to methods that identify concrete and practical interventions that address challenges and stimulate opportunities in selected value chains, while also building the capacity of local stakeholders to apply such a value chain approach in the future. The meeting is a preparatory event for further value chain development sessions to be conducted in December 2013.

Value chain development is a key component of the ILO project entitled “Enhancing Access to Employment Opportunities and Livelihoods in Host Communities,” and takes place in cooperation with wider United Nations Development Programme efforts to address issues faced by communities hosting Syrian refugees.