Jordan reviews pay equity legislation

Members of the Jordanian Parliament and other key stakeholders consider pay equity amendments to Jordan’s labour law.

Representatives from Jordan’s Parliament, Ministry of Labour, National Steering Committee on Pay Equity (NSCPE) and the ILO are meeting to discuss amendments to the country’s labour law with particular focus on equal remuneration.

The meeting aims to highlight the position of the ILO and the NSCPE on elements of pay equity in order to submit proposed ammendments to the Minister of Labour and Parliament. Based on the outcomes of the meeting, Jordan’s Parliamentary Labour and Finance Committee will put forward proposed ammendments during a regular session of Parliament.

The meeting builds on previous similar meetings and a Norwegian government-funded legal study commissioned by the ILO and the NSCPE on pay equity amendments to Jordan’s labour code that promote equal remuneration for all workers in line with international standards, particularly the ILO’s Equal Remuneration Convention, 1951 (No. 100).