Skills, knowledge and employability

Local Economic Recovery training in Gaza bolsters post-conflict employability

Policy-makers and key players in local development management receive area-based training on how to stimulate demand and supply in post-conflict markets

Key labour development stakeholders in the Gaza Strip are to receive training in area-based post-conflict Local Economic Recovery. The participants will be drawn from institutions, governmental and nongovernmental organizations and civil society engaged in the stimulation demand and supply in Gaza’s local economy and value chain development. The training in LER aims to gradually reduce dependency on external aid through temporary jobs and income generation create the endogenous conditions for the local economies to reactivate and create job opportunities in the longer term. The course is to be delivered in tandem with the ILO’s efforts to enhance the capacity of the fisheries sector to provide decent work opportunities in the occupied Palestinian territory. Accordingly, The LER course also aims to:

  • Inform participants of the main aspects and advantages of LER in a post-conflict situations;
  • strengthen the capacity of key players to plan and implement context-specific LER interventions;
  • create an enabling environment for a sustainable local development;
  • promote experience-sharing, cooperation and best practices;
  • familiarise participants with the on-going initiative in fishery sector according to the methodology of Value Chain Development (VCD) for Decent Work; and
  • explore practical possibilities and connections between the VCD results and its implementation through LER.