Resources on Social security in the Arab States

  1. From conflict to recovery: Promoting decent employment in Iraq

    16 March 2021

    The ILO established its first country coordination office in Baghdad a year ago. Maha Kattaa reflects on her first year in Iraq as country coordinator, and sheds light on how the ILO is working with its partners to promote employment opportunities and decent work in the country.

  2. Impacts of COVID-19 Restrictions on the Formal Private Sector in the Occupied Palestinian Territory 

    12 February 2021

    Authorities have attempted to control the spread of COVID-19 in the Occupied Palestinian Territory through restrictions on movement and economic activity, which are expected to have adverse economic effects. To mitigate these impacts, the Ministry of Labour (MoL) presented a Response Plan with options to support workers among three categories of affected businesses. This report assesses the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on the Palestinian formal private sector, and provides policy options and associated costs to inform potential response measures. 

  3. Opportunities for extending social security coverage in Jordan

    11 February 2021

    New ILO report identifies challenges and opportunities in expanding social security coverage for workers in Jordan.

  4. Review of the draft retirement and social security law in Iraq

    The ILO and representatives from the Government of Iraq will hold a technical meeting to review key findings of actuarial and legal assessments of the draft retirement and social security law currently under consideration by the Parliament, as part of efforts towards establishing a comprehensive social protection system in Iraq.

  5. Social protection in Lebanon: Bridging the immediate response with long-term priorities

    20 January 2021

    This paper serves to complement the Reform, Recovery and Reconstruction Framework (3RF). It draws on the findings of various assessments in the social protection sector, providing concrete recommendations for an integrated crisis response which paves the way for an effective recovery. It links immediate and short term measures with a longer term perspective for the development of a comprehensive social protection system in Lebanon.

  6. Towards a Rights-Based and Comprehensive Social Protection System for Lebanon

    23 December 2020

    Supporting the inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities.

  7. Towards a Rights-Based Social Protection System for Lebanon

    23 December 2020

    Ensuring income and dignity in older age and moving towards an inclusive and rights-based social protection system – a call for a rights-based social protection system for Lebanon.

  8. A Social Protection Emergency Response

    23 December 2020

    A Bridge Toward a Comprehensive National Social Protection Plan - Expert Group Position Paper

  9. ILO’s engagement on Social Protection Reform in Lebanon

    23 December 2020

    Workers, experts and academics, as well as organizations for the elderly and for people with disabilities, have come together to voice their needs and recommendations for a comprehensive social protection reform in Lebanon.

  10. Hurtling toward a precipice: with no parachute attached

    07 December 2020

    Making the case for immediate establishment of social guarantees in Lebanon. By Yukie Mokuo, UNICEF Representative in Lebanon, and Ruba Jaradat, ILO Regional Director for Arab States.