Resources on Social security in the Arab States

  1. With support from the European Union, ILO, UNICEF, and WFP partner with the Kurdistan Regional Government to reform social protection

    01 March 2022

    The joint programme contributes to social protection reform by adapting, expanding, and innovating social protection responses to address the immediate needs of women, children, their families, and workers in the informal sector in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  2. ILO and tripartite partners hold consultation on draft social security law in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

    14 February 2022

    During the event, participants examined recommendations based on ILO’s legal assessment of the draft law.

  3. Social Protection Programme for Iraq: Leveraging Effective Response and Accelerating Reform

    16 December 2021

    The overall objective of the joint programme is to ensure that by 2024, the vulnerable and the poor, including children, youth, women, elderly, informal workers, persons with disabilities and Internally Displaced Persons in Iraq benefit from equitable access to an integrated social protection system.

  4. ILO releases first-ever dedicated report on social protection in the Arab States region

    30 November 2021

    The report explores how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated gaps in the region’s social protection, while also providing opportunities for sharp improvement.

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    Lebanon Minister of Labour visits ILO for talks on new government decent work priorities

    02 November 2021

    Lebanon’s newly appointed Minister of Labour has met with ILO Regional Director for the Arab States Dr. Ruba Jaradat to outline cooperation on the ILO’s Decent Work Agenda.

  6. ILO workshop with tripartite partners sheds light on maternity protection in Iraq

    02 November 2021

    The workshop is part of efforts to support progress towards Iraq’s ratification of ILO Maternity Protection Convention, 2000 (No. 183).

  7. Change in work permit regulations and its impact on decent work for Syrian refugees in Jordan

    26 September 2021

    Syrian Bilal moved to Jordan in 2014. For years, he struggled to access decent employment. But, with the introduction of different work permit regulations in 2016, he has been able to move between employers, work within his own profession and access social security.

  8. New EU-funded partnership to reform social protection in Iraq

    21 September 2021

    A new project will see the three Iraqi ministries of Planning, Labour and Social Affairs, and Trade work with UNICEF, the ILO and WFP to support vulnerable families in Iraq through a more sustainable and inclusive social protection system.

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    Speech of Dr. Ruba Jaradat, ILO Regional Director for Arab States at the 47th Arab Labour Conference

    05 September 2021

    The speech highlights the need for a multi-pronged strategy in the Arab States region to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  10. Businesses struggle to build back from the Beirut blast

    10 August 2021

    A year on from the blast that devastated large parts of Beirut, the ILO is working to help small businesses across the Lebanese capital affected by the explosion. Many were already struggling to survive due to COVID-19 anti-infection measures and the ongoing economic and political crisis in the country.