Resources on Labour migration in Arab States

  1. In the Shadow of the State: Recruitment and Migration of South Indian Women as Domestic Workers to the Middle East

    02 June 2020

    This background paper describes and analyses the drivers, pathways and experiences of migrant women from South India as domestic workers in Gulf countries. It is based on primary and secondary research.

  2. COVID-19: Labour Market Impact and Policy Response in the Arab States

    15 May 2020

    Briefing Note with FAQs

  3. Towards a Coordinated Humanitarian-Development Response to COVID-19 Crisis: Reflections from the Arab Region with an ILO Lens

    22 April 2020

    The multilateral system should support Arab countries to build on humanitarian and development mechanisms and experiences developed in recent years, in order to rapidly and effectively respond to the COVID-19 health, social, and economic crisis in the region.

  4. ILO and SDC launch new programme to protect migrant workers in vulnerable situations in the Arab States, with a focus on workers from Africa

    30 March 2020

    The FAIRWAY Programme, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by ILO, responds to the need to ensure decent work for migrant workers, including in sectors where they are at high risk of exploitation, such as in domestic work, construction and hospitality, and will support interregional collaboration between countries in Africa and the Middle East.

  5. Project Brief: The FAIRWAY programme

    30 March 2020

    The FAIRWAY programme addresses underlying causes of decent work deficits at their source through national-level interventions in selected countries of origin in East, West and North Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Morocco). In the Arab States, the programme provides continuity to interventions in countries of destination across the region by building on the work of the Fairway Middle East project (2016-2019), which targeted low-skilled migrant workers from all regions.

  6. FAIRWAY Publications

    23 March 2020

  7. Protection, information and return and reintegration services

    23 March 2020

  8. Decent work and recruitment

    23 March 2020

  9. Reducing discriminatory attitudes

    23 March 2020

  10. Interregional dialogue

    23 March 2020