Concept Note and Agenda: Cooperating out of Isolation

Following on the recent assessment “Cooperating out of isolation: the case of domestic workers in Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait” the ILO proposes a stakeholder validation workshop to discuss the findings and options for collective service provision among migrant domestic workers in these countries; the workshop will serve to validate and prioritize the findings from the assessment.

وثيقة الاجتماع | ٠٤ ديسمبر, ٢٠١٤
The overarching objective of this workshop is to validate the findings of the assessment, prioritize findings and explore ways to provide services for domestic workers through cooperatives. More specifically, the validation workshop aims to:

- Analyse challenges and opportunities for migrant domestic workers in Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait with regard to exploring the potential of organizing services through cooperatives;
- Explore innovative practices from across the world which may provide insights into ways employment services can be provided;
- Raise awareness on Convention No. 189 and Recommendation No. 201 that guide action to protect domestic workers, including their right to organize.