Universal Social Security: Choices at the crossroads 全民社会保障:十字路口的选择

Presentation | 11 May 2022
On 10 May 2022, Mr Luis Frota, Project Manager of the EU-China Project “Improving China’s Institutional Capacity towards Universal Social Protection” was invited by the China University of Labour Relations (CULR, affiliated to All-China Federation of Trade Unions) to give an online lecture on the topic of Status, Challenges, International Comparisons and Approaches to Universal Social Protection Systems.

The lecture was the first of the series of lectures on “The Era of Global Flexible Employment and Expanding Social Protection” organized by CULR.

The lecture presented the ILO approach to universal social security and highlighted the importance of pursuing a “high-road” strategy towards universal social protection and key principles guiding social security system reform to address multi-dimension challenges in the world of work.

More than 170 participants from CULR, other universities in China, researchers from government, trade unions and enterprises attended the lecture.