Occupational Safety and Health

Building a culture of safety in Mongolia through an art competition

Mongolian secondary school students promote occupational safety and health through a drawing contest organized by the Occupational Safety and Health Center, in collaboration with the ILO's 'Trade for Decent Work' project, funded by the European Union.

News | Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia | 15 May 2023
1st Place: J. Dorjjargal from Ömnögovi Province, School No.1, Grade 11B © ILO
The contest, held under the theme "Safe and Healthy Work: Our Future," aimed to provide a platform for young minds to express their creativity while emphasizing the importance of workplace safety. By engaging the youth, this contest sought to foster their understanding of safety at work from an early age. More than 320 artworks were submitted from various locations across Mongolia, including rural areas via mail.

The contest served as a platform for these talented young artists to showcase their unique perspectives on safety at work. They covered a wide range of topics, from providing prevention tips to promoting a healthy work environment and depicting hazards encountered in everyday life. Additionally, some participants created drawings portraying happy and healthy families, emphasizing that safety is crucial not only for workers but also for their family members. Some contestants chose to incorporate elements of Mongolian tradition, such as yurts, into their artwork, adding a cultural touch to their submissions.

The participants were divided into three categories: elementary, middle school, and high school. The winners were selected based on their creativity and the extent to which their artworks aligned with the given theme. The judges assessed the originality and innovative approaches demonstrated in the drawings, as well as how effectively they captured the essence of "Safe and Healthy Work: Our Future."

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Winners of the contest

High school:
  • 1st place - J. Dorjjargal, Ömnögovi Province, School No.1, Grade 11B
  • 2nd place - U. Enkhjin, Ömnögovi Province, School No.1, Grade 11B
  • 3rd place - B. Munkh-Orgil, Uvs province, Ulaangom sum, Grade 11A
Middle school:
  • 1st place - A. Ariuntuya, Ulaanbaatar, Ireedui School, Grade 6G
  • 2nd place - B. Misheel, Ulaanbaatar, Ireedui School, Grade 6G
  • 3rd place - Y. Temuulen, Ulaanbaatar, School No.40, Grade 6V
Elementary school:
  • 1st place - B. Sarnai, Ulaanbaatar, School No.115, Grade 3E
  • 2nd place - A. Amin-Erdene, Ulaanbaatar, School No.141, Grade 4V
  • 3rd place - G. Yesui

To ensure the long-term impact of the contest, the winning drawings will be used to create notebooks. These notebooks will be distributed to the ILO constituents and utilized as promotional items during OSH-related events, helping to spread the message of workplace safety.

For more information please contact:

Tselmeg Urtnasan
Project Communication Officer
Country Office for China and Mongolia