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Tripartite partners assess the need for revision of Mongolia's Law on Trade Union Rights

On 15 February 2023, ILO constituents in Mongolia assessed the need for a possible revision of the Law on Trade Union Rights. 

News | Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia | 16 February 2023
The discussion aimed to encourage tripartite dialogue among ILO constituents and review the findings of the assessment conducted by an ILO consultant. This meeting was organized under the "Trade for Decent Work" project, which is funded by the European Union.

Mongolia's Law on Trade Union Rights, which was approved in 1991, establishes the legal framework for trade unions and their rights in the country. The law plays a crucial role in protecting labour rights in Mongolia, including workers' right to association and collective bargaining. 

The objective of the meeting is to facilitate a tripartite discussion and examine whether there is a need to revise the law. In case there is a necessity to revise Law on Trade Union Rights, the ILO is ready to provide technical support."

Alain Pelce, Senior Specialist on International Labour Standards and Labour Law

During the meeting, representatives of the Ministry of Social Protection, Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions (CMTU), and Mongolian Employers' Federation (MONEF) shared their viewpoints on the assessment findings and expressed their position regarding the need for revising the Trade Union Rights Act of Mongolia.  

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Tselmeg Urtnasan
Project Communication Officer
Country Office for China and Mongolia