Young Mongolians examine their future of work

Young Mongolians gather to share their experiences and ideas on Future of Work to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Mongolia’s membership to the ILO, and the upcoming ILO’s 100th anniversary in 2019.

News | Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia | 23 November 2018
Ulaanbaatar (ILO News) -- November 23rd: Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Mongolia’s membership to the ILO, and the upcoming ILO’s 100th anniversary in 2019, the ILO, MLSP, CMTU, and MONEF put the visions and aspirations of young Mongolians under the spotlight. Over 100 young people from all provinces gathered in Ulaanbaatar to take part in a Conference on the Future of Work to share their experiences and ideas. The Conference is part of Mongolia’s Future of Work campaign.

“The ILO rose from the ashes of the 1st World War with a mission to achieve both peace and social justice. Our commitment to decent work for all has remained unabated. Today, changes in the world of work are complex and profound, as societies age, economies integrate, and new technologies and new climate patterns emerge. As a result, we see new ways of organizing work, but unemployment persists and inequalities deepen. The ILO Director General Mr Guy Ryder has invited the 187 member States of the ILO, workers’ and employers’ organization to reflect on these changes and shape the future of work they want,” states Claire Courteille-Mulder, Director of ILO Country Office for China and Mongolia.

“Since 1968, the ILO has become our key partner as Mongolia navigates into the market economy. The ILO has been instrumental in strengthening the capacity of Mongolian labour market institutions. Together with CMTU and MONEF and with the support of the ILO and other development partners, the Government of Mongolia has developed and implemented policies and programmes to eliminate child labour, improve industrial skills, and update laws and regulations to the requirement of times. We want to make sure that every Mongolian is ready to take on the future of work,” said Ms S. Mungunchimeg, Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Protection.

“The world is becoming one. The world of work is opening up. Are you fit for the future? With the right skills, people can find work without having to leave Mongolia” Mr Ganbaatar Khuyag, Executive Director of the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF) called on young people to develop the skills and attitudes that will allow them to lead and find success in the future of work.

“CMTU, MLSP, and MONEF are working closely to improve the conditions of work. We need to do more. We see poverty rising. Young people get disappointed when they enter the labour market. The reality and their aspirations don’t match. As a society, we need to think about the future of work. What does it mean for our education system, the mining sector, the aimag, public health, etc.? The future of work needs to be a national conversation,” said Mr Amgalanbaatar, Khayankhyarvaa President of CMTU.

Prior to the Conference, the Ministry invited youth groups, school and university students in Mongolia to submit drawings, photos, essays and research papers about the future of work in Mongolia. In total nearly 1,000 young people submitted their contributions which will be displayed in various places in Mongolia.

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