China’s Global Business and Disability Network ready to establish its first Inclusive Employment Resource Centre

The 20 enterprise members of the ILO GBDN-China have decided to establish the first inclusive employment resource center to promote the employment of persons with disabilities and mitigate the impact on persons with disabilities by COVID-19.

News | Beijing, China | 25 March 2020
BEIJING (ILO News) – While the COVID-19 is posing new challenges to persons with disabilities, the 20 enterprise members of the ILO Global Business and Disability Network – China Chapter (GBDN-China) have decided to steer up their efforts in promoting the employment of persons with disabilities by establishing the first inclusive employment resource center.

The Center, an interactive online platform named CREATIVE, is scheduled to open on May 1 to fulfill four main functions. First, it will help enterprises find the persons they need. Second, it will conduct evidence-based research on business and disability including on coaching skills and career development systems for persons with disabilities. Third, it will organize training programmes for business HR management, service providers, job coaching teams and persons with disabilities. Lastly, it will offer opportunities for youth with disability to increase their skills and experience through internships, job shadowing and on-the-job training.

The establishment of this new Center follows a number of initiatives recently undertaken by GBDN-China. Last December, a new project entitled “Path to success: Create a strong eco-system for persons with disabilities” was launched. Funded by Standard Chartered Global Business Services and implemented by GBDN-China, the project was adapted to mitigate the COVID-19 risks faced by persons with disabilities and improve their ability to recover after the epidemic. Already more than 50,000 youth with disabilities took part in the proposed on-line courses and webinars, and the e-platform has already gathered 2,627 home-based employment opportunities from the GBDN partners.

As always, GBDN-China works in alliance with more than 50 like-minded organisations throughout China, including organizations of people with disabilities, and together they recently launched the campaign “Working Hard to Fight Covid-2019 & Assist the Blind”. Despite its tragic impact, the epidemic has brought people together and it is on that spirit of unity and solidarity that the Resource Center will rely.

For more information please contact: Celine HUANG from GBDN-China Secretariat Phone:86-18500361742 WeChat:guiling2012forever