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SCORE Getting into the new stage

News | Beijing, China | 31 March 2017
SCORE Project Phase II is entering its final stage after its four years of implementation with strong commitment from the State Administration of Work Safety (SAWS) and the China Enterprise Confederation(CEC).

SCORE has changed the usual way which the local safety inspectors normally work by imposing punishment on factories without compliance of OSH related laws instead of providing advice of improvement during their factory visits, and altered the way which employers operate their business for profits, rather than pursing improvement of social conditions whilst maintaining business competitiveness. SCORE’s effectiveness has been broadly recognized by the government, employers and workers in China. SCORE, up to now has generated a range of fruitful results and best practices in the sphere of safety inspection, improvement of productivity of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and engagement of multinational big buyers to improve social performance in their supply chain factories.

Based on the success, SAWS has determined to expand the program to 500 SMEs in Zhejiang Province, and roll out SCORE Training in precarious sectors in Hunan, Jiangxi and Beijing. According to the recent discussion between the ILO and SAWS, firework sector which has been often reported safety accidents in China has been identified as one of the priority areas for the upcoming SCORE phase III Project, in particular the shabby factories in Hunan and Jiangxi Provinces, where more than 70% of the total production of firework in the country was produced in the past years.

The China Enterprise Confederation, built on their strength of SCORE related training, coaching and consultation, has proposed to create a SCORE National Marketing Centre to promote fully implementation of the SCORE training modules in SMEs in China.

The SCORE Training Program Phase III will be kicked off in November 2017. All these bright ideas and concrete proposals will be incorporated into the project’s strategic plan. Yet, the project face challenges in fully supporting national partners’ initiatives and expanding the project into unfamiliar sectors and a significant numbers of factories. An evidence informed strategy, grounded on the experience and lessons learned from all parties involved in SCORE Project phase II, is critically needed. To better implement the SCORE project phase III and translate the strategy into action, all partners need to formulate their reasonable, practical and detailed work plans.

Against this backdrop, a project consultation workshop will be carried out from 11 to 12 April 2017 in Chongqing City, with participation of all national and local SCORE Project partners. Aims of the workshop are to share and learn experience and lessons, to reflect achievements and challenges, to contemplate what works and what not and to identify ways to overcome difficulties, and to build the team and strengthen the team spirit, and eventually lead to the development of overall strategy and the formulation of detailed work plan under the framework of the SCORE phase III project.

Representatives from national and local SAWS, national and local CEC, expert trainers and the ILO SCORE Project team will actively attend the workshop.