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    Grow the economy with a well-balanced diet

    14 September 2015

    ILO Deputy Director-General Gilbert Houngbo shows the connection between decent work, acceptable living standards and economic growth, which together will help achieve several other sustainable development goals.

  2. Lessons from the steppes: Mongolia's model social insurance system

    01 September 2015

    As a role model for social insurance systems, Mongolia, with the help of the ILO, shares its efficient single window system for social services with other countries in South East Asia.


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    Lifting the barrier of intellectual disabilities

    13 May 2013

    There are almost 200 million persons with intellectual disabilities in the world. For many of them, finding a stable job represents a major challenge. In Li’s case, a little help has made a big difference.


  1. HIV Stigma – a new form of dying

    30 November 2012

    HIV is no longer a killer but HIV stigma is. As World AIDS Day is observed on 1 December, ILO research in China, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand sheds light on the problem and suggests ways it can be addressed. By Richard Howard, Senior Specialist on HIV/AIDS, ILO Decent Work Team for East and South-East Asia and the Pacific

  2. Can China get old and rich at the same time?

    07 November 2012

    China has already done a lot to adapt labour markets and social protection systems to an ageing society. But it will have to do more to balance its economic and social needs.

  3. China’s latest revolution: Basic health care for all

    03 September 2012

    On 6 April 2009, China unveiled an action plan for a radical and ambitious health-care reform aimed at attaining universal health insurance coverage by 2020. Three years later, the country has almost reached this goal. What’s the secret behind the success?


  1. Youth join green jobs push in China

    15 February 2011

    Yang Shumbo, a Chinese electronic sciences student invented a device to save electricity. He developed this into a business under a pilot project of the Greener Business Option (GBO), an ILO Green Jobs Programme initiative. GBO aims to encourage entrepreneurship in green businesses among young people. Report from Chengdu, China, by Satoshi Sasaki, Specialist on Enterprise Development and Job Creation, ILO Beijing and Vincent Jugault, Senior Specialist in Environment and Decent Work, ILO Bangkok.


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    09 September 2010


  1. ILO, China launch first HIV/AIDS prevention campaign for internal rural migrant workers

    17 December 2008

    The 200 million internal migrant workers in China play a vital role in the country’s mining, construction, and transportation sectors. But the lack of awareness about HIV puts them at risk of contracting the disease. Last November, the ILO and China’s State Council AIDS Committee Office jointly launched the country’s first HIV/AIDS prevention campaign for internal rural migrant workers. ILO Online reports from Beijing.


  1. International Migrants Day (18 December 2006) Reversing the brain drain in China: the return of the 'sea turtles'

    11 December 2006

    As China's economy continues to grow exponentially, the country faces a shortage of locally educated managers with international experience. But more and more Chinese who previously left the country to study abroad are heading back to the land of opportunities, according to a recent article in the ILO's International Labour Review ( Note 1).