SCORE Academy to offer online training to Amazon’s supplier in China during COVID-19 outbreak

SCORE Academy has launched a series of online courses and counseling for Amazon suppliers to reduce the impact of the epidemic and ensure the scheduled implementation of the project.

News | 19 March 2020
BEIJING (ILO News) – In October 2019, Amazon introduced SCORE (Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises) Training to their Chinese suppliers and joined forces with SCORE Academy to improve productivity and responsibility in global supply chains.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, the in-factory consulting has been postponed for the first batch of 10 pilot enterprises. Under these circumstances, SCORE Academy has launched a series of online courses and counseling for Amazon suppliers, which has largely reduced the impact of the epidemic and ensured the scheduled implementation of the project.

SCORE Academy trainer is presenting
On the morning of 18 March, 10 Amazon’s suppliers from Southern and Eastern China, with over 100 members of the EITs(Enterprise Improvement Teams) simultaneously joined the online course “How to conduct effective EIT(Enterprise Improvement Team)Meetings” lead by experts from the SCORE Academy. The online course includes "video + PPT + case study sharing + group interaction". Three expert trainers from the SCORE Academy presented the course and moderated the interaction. With their professional project experience, in combination with the current epidemic prevention and control, these experts have shared with the pilot enterprises effective implementation suggestions for the SCORE Training.

After the course, Cherry Liu, the focal point of Amazon China for the SCORE project, shared her views of SCORE online training courses during the epidemic, “the online course is a very worthy approach. This training method can ensure everyone's safety, and allow everyone to learn and share, and ensure that the project can be implemented as originally planned.” She also shared that Amazon attached great importance to the safety of suppliers and experts, and preferred to conduct the on-site consultations after the epidemic has eased. The online courses are therefore currently the best way forward.

During this period, the SCORE Academy has also maintained close communication with the pilot enterprises, in order to stay informed on the resumption of production and SCORE Training activities in those enterprises. Following the online course, the Academy contacted the enterprises for feedback and suggestions for future online learning, and to inform them of the postponement of the on-site visits until the epidemic is over.

According to feedback, all enterprises are gradually returning to work, but some of the EIT members may resume the work at later stage if they still in quarantine. Based on the current situation, online learning is the preferable mode of training. Although the content and form of this course are reportedly very good, some participants need to familiarize themselves with online learning software. It was a common wish from all participants that the epidemic situation passes quickly, so they can communicate with the trainers in person.

In response to the specific needs of the different enterprises, the SCORE Academy will continue to conduct online counseling and adjust the plan and content of the corresponding project consultation process. The Academy will organize two more online courses in the coming month: “How to make EIP (Enterprise Improvement Plan)” and “How to use EIC (Enterprise Indicator Card)”. All these arrangement will ensure that the pilot enterprises continue to improve their capacity on sustainable development and help them to achieve the expected results through implementation of the SCORE project.