Areas of work

A nurse is taking care of the patient. Beijing, China 

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The ILO programmes in China and Mongolia reflects the tripartite constituents’ priorities in pursuance of the Decent Work Agenda, which includes:


  • Promoting employment, employability and reducing inequalities with a focus on the unemployed and internal rural migrants;
  • Promoting harmonious labour management relations and the effectiveness of labour market institutions and labour laws;
  • Extending and improving social protection linked to productivity and sustainable development; and
  • Promoting fundamental principles and rights at work.


  • Employment promotion strategies to address issues of sustainable livelihoods and poverty alleviation in the formal and informal economy;
  • Strengthening tripartism to support social and economic policy development and implementation; and
  • Better application of rights and security for targeted groups focusing on child labour, disabled persons and forced labour.
ILO means of action include technical cooperation projects and activities; technical advisory services; the introduction of comparative and international experience; research and documentation; information exchange, training and workshop. The ILO programme complements and supports the national development priorities in both China and Mongolia.

ILO plays an important role in UN inter-agency development activities and is the lead agency on employment issues.