Mapping of service provision to migrant workers in Peninsular Malaysia

The ILO has been working with trade unions and civil society partners in Malaysia since 2011 to provide migrant workers with counselling on labour rights, legal assistance, information, education, training and organizing. This mapping study was developed in 2016-2017 by the Migrant Workers’ Empowerment and Advocacy (MWEA) project to help in identifying new partners and developing evidence-based strategies to reach out to migrant workers.

The mapping study is based on research carried out over two months and provides an analysis of trade unions, civil society organizations, faith based organizations, community based organizations and
individual services providers that support migrant workers. The mapping assesses, among others, these organizations’ reach, type of services provided, number of beneficiaries, partnerships, financial stability
and human resources. The genesis of this mapping exercise comes from the understanding that grassroots initiatives, if managed well, can lead to systemic change in policies that will better protect migrant workers.