ASEAN-ILO/Japan Industrial Relations Project

Implemented jointly by the ASEAN Secretariat and the ILO, this project aims to improve industrial relations in the ASEAN countries.

The Government of Japan has provided funds for implementing a project for improving industrial relations (IR) in the ASEAN countries during 2008-2014. The project will be implemented jointly by the ASEAN Secretariat and the ILO.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Promote constructive industrial relations among the ASEAN countries;
  • Support the ASEAN Secretariat in building its capacity to disseminate knowledge and information about IR among its members; and
  • Strengthen the relationship between the ASEAN and ILO’s Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.

The ILO implements the Programme with the ASEAN Secretariat under the framework of the Cooperation Agreement signed in Geneva on 20 March 2007 by the ILO Director General and the Secretary General of ASEAN. Strengthening the capacity of the ILO’s constituents and improving industrial relations norms, institutions and practices in all countries, and particularly in some of the least developed countries of the region, are strategic to the ILO’s mission and goal of Decent Work. This was reinforced by the mandate given to the ILO by the 14th Asian Regional Meeting in 2006, which cited improved industrial relations and labour market governance as fundamental conditions for realizing decent work in the Asia-Pacific region.

The implementation strategy of this ASEAN-ILO/Japan Programme on Industrial Relations is to add to the existing body of information and knowledge of IR, identify new issues and trends, and review IR institutions and processes with a view to enabling the ASEAN countries to strengthen their capacity to better address the emerging issues in the changing world of work.

For further information please contact:

Mr John Ritchotte

Labour Administration and Labour Relations Specialist, BANGKOK