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  1. Press release

    Working Out of Disaster: Six months after tsunami, incomes and employment are being rebuilt

    24 June 2005, BANGKOK

    Six months after the tsunami ILO is now fully engaged in its largest ever regional income generation and social protection effort, aimed at helping restore the employment and livelihoods of people affected by the disaster.

  2. Press release

    Laos signs up to international conventions against child labour

    13 June 2005,

    A delegation from the Lao People’s Democratic Republic presents documents ratifying two important Conventions for ending child labour to the ILO.

  3. Press release

    Cold, dark and dangerous - Asian children in mining -"the most hazardous work"

    09 June 2005, BANGKOK

    Removing more than one million children who work in mines and quarries from one of the worst forms of child labour is the focus of events around the world marking the World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June.

  4. Press release

    ILO Governing Body elects new Asian members

    07 June 2005,

    The ILO elects eight Asian countries as members of its Governing Body during it´s annual International Labour Conference.

  5. Press release

    ILO launches new training scheme for Thai women entrepreneurs

    03 June 2005,

    The ILO launches the new training scheme “GET Ahead for women in enterprise” which is specially designed for women – particularly those with low incomes - who want to start, or already run a small-scale business.

  6. Press release

    Safety and health training for Vietnamese farmers to go nationwide

    02 June 2005,

    The ILO organized WIND (Work Improvement in Neighbourhood Development) programme which aims to improve the occupational safety and health of Vietnam’s farmers expands to go nationwide.

  7. Press release

    International meeting on forced labour to be held in Mongolia

    17 May 2005,

    Experts from 10 Asian countries is meeting in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to look at ways to speed up the elimination of forced labour.

  8. Press release

    17 Asia-Pacific countries focus on health and safety at Bangkok meeting

    12 May 2005,

    Delegates from 17 Asia-Pacific countries is meeting in Bangkok to look at ways to improve the safety and health of their workforces.

  9. Press release

    ILO launches project to promote Rights of Cambodia's Indigenous and Tribal Peoples

    04 May 2005,

    The ILO is launching a project specifically designed to help the Cambodian government and indigenous and tribal people´s work together to create a framework that will help address needs and concerns.

  10. Press release

    ILO calls for better protection of foreign domestic workers in Thailand after ‘shocking’ attack abusive employers need to know they will face consequences

    04 May 2005,

    The International Labour Office in Bangkok today urged authorities in Thailand to take urgent steps to better protect all foreign migrants – both documented and undocumented – from abusive employers, especially Thai employers of foreign domestic workers.