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  1. Press release

    Improved recruitment processes for foreign workers and better awareness about link between migration and human trafficking needed

    08 May 2006, PHNOM PENH

    Governments, Workers' and Employers' Organizations from five Mekong countries consider options prior to sub-regional gathering on human trafficking

  2. Press release

    Asia Pacific records decline in child labour - ILO Report

    04 May 2006, BANGKOK

    An ILO report suggests that more action and leadership is needed to meet the goal of eliminating worst forms of child labour within 10 years.

  3. Press release

    Governments, Workers' and Employers' Organizations from 5 Mekong countries gather to discuss human trafficking prevention

    03 May 2006, PHNOM PENH

    Government, Workers’ and Employers’ representatives from five countries in the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) gather to review and make further recommendations for improvements in cross-border recruitment practices for migrant workers.

  4. Press release

    ILO to launch major new report on child labour

    28 April 2006, BANGKOK

    The ILO releases a global report providing new estimates of the number of child labourers worldwide and regionally, and analyzing progress to date in the struggle against child labour.

  5. Press release

    World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2006

    28 April 2006,

    The World Day for Safety and Health 2006 calls attention to HIV/AIDS as an occupational safety and health issue.

  6. Press release

    Government of Japan and United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security contribute nearly $2 million for Economic and Social Empowerment

    26 April 2006, BANGKOK

    The Government of Japan and the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security confirm new funding of nearly 212 million yen to help returned victims of human trafficking in the Philippines and Thailand.

  7. Press release

    Safer work for farmers - four country meeting in Viet Nam

    17 March 2006, BANGKOK

    Farmers in Viet Nam meet to discuss safer work in agriculture with their fellow farmers as well as others from Cambodia , Lao PDR and Thailand at a meeting in Nha Trang.

  8. Press release

    The ILO welcomes the release Rong Chhun and human rights activists

    20 January 2006,

    The ILO welcomes the release of Rong Chhun, President of the Cambondia Independent Teachers’ Association and other human rights activists.

  9. Press release

    Meeting to improve work opportunities for disabled persons in Asia

    18 January 2006,

    The ILO facilitates six-country meeting in Bangkok focusing on improving legislation to promote training and employment opportunities for disabled persons in Asia.

  10. Press release

    The International Labour Office joins its voice in the concern raised over the arrests of Krm Sokha, Pa Nguon Teang and Yeng Virak

    06 January 2006, BANGKOK

    The ILO is deeply disturbed by the arrest of Cambodian human rights activists, some representing organizations which have been active partners with the ILO.