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  1. Press release

    Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM)

    03 September 2007, GENEVE

    New ILO report says US leads the world in labour productivity, some regions are catching up, most lag behind; Major cause of world poverty is waste of workers' productivity potential

  2. Press release

    Young people demand they be consulted in the fight against human trafficking: pledges and high level meetings 'not enough' to prevent trafficking in Southeast Asia

    01 September 2007,

    Southeast Asian children and young people exposed to the risks of human trafficking are raising their voices demanding a greater say in national and sub-regional action to prevent the labour and sexual exploitation that result from trafficking.

  3. Press release

    ILO to launch new report on Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM)

    29 August 2007, BANGKOK

    The ILO is to issue its latest biennial “Key Indicators of the Labour Market” (KILM), which provides a comprehensive analysis of the global labour market using world and regional estimates and country-level data.

  4. Press release

    Japanese MP visits ILO

    24 August 2007, BANGKOK

    Ms Mayumi Moriyama, President of the Japanese Parliamentarians’ League on the ILO Activities and Member of the House of Representatives, visited Thailand from 19 to 23 August to familiarize herself with ILO activities in Asia Pacific region. 

  5. Press release

    ILO Symposium at the 8th Regional Congress on Asia and the Pacific in Sri Lanka

    17 August 2007, COLOMBO

    The ILO is to hold a symposium on 21 August at the 8th Regional Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP) in Colombo.

  6. Press release

    Chinese children unite to fight trafficking

    01 August 2007, BEIJING

    Chinese children – aged 11 through 17 – have come together to craft the country’s first set of recommendations to combat human trafficking – drafted exclusively by and for young people.

  7. Press release

    Training to improve work safety for Lao small business

    18 July 2007, BANGKOK

    Improving working conditions in small businesses will be the focus of a national workshop for government officials, workers and employers in Vientiane on 19-20 July 2007.

  8. Press release

    The Mekong Women's Forum: Women from across the Greater Mekong Sub-region prepare for greater role in fight against human trafficking

    12 July 2007, HANOI

    Women activists and eminent speakers on the problems of human trafficking and gender discrimination today called for greater involvement of women and vulnerable groups in the fight against human trafficking in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.

  9. Press release

    The Mekong Women's Forum: leading women from across the GMS unite to intensify action against human trafficking, discrimination and labour/sexual exploitation

    09 July 2007,

    Women activists from across the Greater Mekong Sub-region gather in Viet Nam to intensify their efforts in combating human trafficking, labour and sexual exploitation endured by thousands of young women across the sub-region.

  10. Press release

    Rights of migrant workers to be discussed at government seminar

    06 July 2007,

    A national seminar on systems for handling migrant workers and protecting their rights in Thailand will be held in Bangkok on Monday 9 July 2007.