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  1. International Women's Day

    My ticket to decent work

    08 March 2023,

    I would like to encourage women not to be hesitant to take up construction-related courses, just like me, even though they are male-dominated.

  2. Our impact, their stories

    Beyond the barriers, it’s a great feeling to become a seafarer

    08 March 2023, Sri Lanka

    Nayomi Amarasinghe is the first female seafarer Sri Lanka has ever produced. Last year, an ILO partnership with the Mahapola Port and Maritime Academy helped her to become a seafarer, landing Nayomi a job with the well renowned Carnival Cruise Line giving her a new sense of independence and purpose.

  3. International Women's Day

    ILO calls on workplaces to accelerate action against violence and harassment

    08 March 2023, Yangon, Myanmar

    With a growth in work in digital spaces, workplaces must take action to tackle online violence and harassment and implement the ILO’s Violence and Harassment Convention.

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    Female employment

    Women bear brunt of Afghanistan job losses

    07 March 2023,

    Female employment levels in Afghanistan have fallen steeply since the Taliban administration took over in 2021, according to new figures released by the ILO.

  5. Press Release

    ILO commences work with Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI) on Employment Policy

    06 March 2023, Majuro, Marshall Islands

    The development of the National Employment Policy is part of ILO’s ongoing technical assistance being provided to RMI post COVID-19.

  6. Press Release

    ILO reaffirms commitment to the Republic of Marshall Islands (RMI)

    06 March 2023, Majuro, Marshall Islands

    The ILO highlighted the focused approach being undertaken to ensure sustainability of actions and activities targeted towards providing skills training and empowering youth to be more economically active.

  7. Working conditions

    ILO Statement on the explosions at Seema Oxygen Plant in Chittagong's Sitakunda upazila and the Science Lab area in Dhaka

    05 March 2023, Dhaka

    ILO expresses condolences and solidarity with families of the victims of two incidents in Bangladesh.

  8. Press release

    Bangladesh Business and Human Rights Week Landmark dialogue held to chart roadmap for responsible business conduct

    02 March 2023,

    Stakeholders highlighted the importance of removing barriers to responsible business as a vehicle for advancing sustainable development in Bangladesh

  9. Press release

    ILO continues to promote International Labour Standards in Afghanistan

    02 March 2023,

    Workshop brings together ILO constituents as efforts continue to improve labour standards in the country despite crisis situation.

  10. Digitalization and financial inclusion

    ILO launches the implementation of a digital transformation programme for Indonesian SMEs’ better productivity and competitiveness

    02 March 2023, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO with support from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) continues to support the priority of the Indonesian government to promote digital economy and foster digital transformation for SMEs and financial services through the implementation of its Promise II Impact programme.