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  1. COVID-19: Supporting enterprises, jobs and incomes

    Surviving the impact of COVID-19 with online marketing and business

    26 October 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    As the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to strain economies across the globe, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are among the hardest hit. The ILO’s SCORE marketing and social media training programme help them regaining their businesses.

  2. COVID-19: Promoting skills development

    Indonesia to tackle skills mismatch through sector skills bodies

    21 October 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    The ILO continue to support efforts taken by Indonesia to tackle skills mismatch and to promote greater involvement of industries in skills development. The pilot programmes will be targeted tourism and ICT sectors.

  3. Press release

    Asia-Pacific garment industry suffers as COVID-19 impacts ripple through supply chain

    21 October 2020,

  4. © Fahad Abdullah Kaizer/UN Women 2020

    Garment sector in Asia and the Pacific

    Asia-Pacific garment industry suffers as COVID-19 impact ripples through supply chain

    21 October 2020,

    Collapsing consumer demand, government lockdown measures and disruptions to raw material imports have taken their toll on the Asia Pacific garment industry, says a new ILO report.

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    Supporting factories in Bangladesh to manage the impact of COVID-19

    20 October 2020,

  6. COVID-19: Promoting skills development

    Instructors of Indonesian TVETs get ready to shift to online training

    19 October 2020, Jakarta, Indonesia

    Following the successful training of the first batch, the ILO together with the Ministry of Manpower has continued the online learning programme for instructors of the technical and vocational education and training (TVETs) centers with increased number of participants and enhanced training materials.

  7. Media advisory

    ILO to release new report on the effects of COVID-19 on Asia-Pacific garment supply chains

    19 October 2020,

  8. News

    Bangladesh labour inspectorate launches COVID-19 workplace safety guideline

    19 October 2020,

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    Press release

    Critical gaps in social protection hampering Asia-Pacific region’s resilience to COVID-19

    15 October 2020,

    Despite their rapid socioeconomic ascent, most countries in the Asia-Pacific region have weak social protection systems riddled with gaps, says a new report.

  10. News update

    A policy journey towards the elimination of Child Labour in Sri Lanka.

    14 October 2020, Colombo, Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka has made a significant progress in combating child labour that can be attributed to its well-placed strong welfare policies. This piece of article was prepared for a symposium titled ' A policy journey towards the elimination of Child Labour in Sri Lanka'.