ILO’s entrepreneurship programmes to be integrated in Cambodia’s national education curriculum

Key facilitators and government officials from the Cambodian Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) took part in a 3-day online workshop on ILO’s Know About Business (KAB) training, helping further integrate this youth training programme into the national education curriculum.

Press release | 09 July 2021
Refresher training
PHNOM PENH, Cambodia (ILO News) - The ILO’s Supporting Soft Skills for Youth in Cambodia project and Decent Employment for Youth programme helped organize, from 9 to 11 June, a 3-day online workshop on ILO’s Know About Business (KAB) programme, conducted for government officials and key facilitators from MoEYS Vocational Orientation Department (VOD), Youth Department (YD), and Department of Curriculum Development (DCD). 24 participants took part, all teachers who will provide KAB training to Cambodian youth in grades 10 to 12 as part of their national education curriculum.

Ms Pagna Vatey TOURN
According to Ms Pagna Vatey TOURN, Deputy Head of Vocation and Orientation Office “KAB is designed to strengthen the knowledge and skills for general business understanding as well as business start-up. KAB training provides a variety of benefits to young people in Cambodia, especially for those who face limited options other than self-employment. Thanks to the collaboration between the ILO and the Ministry, the orientation was well organized and informative for all participants.”

Mr Sampheat CHAN
Mr Sampheat CHAN, a KAB teacher in Kep province, further added “KAB training is the first light to brighten our youths’ journey to becoming business people or entrepreneurs. Through this passage, youth will be able to build confidence and passion to make good decisions for their future career.”

The KAB programme aims to create an enterprise culture in communities by promoting awareness among young people of the opportunities and challenges of entrepreneurship and self-employment, as well as of their role in shaping the country's economic and social development. Training focuses on teaching key entrepreneurial and business skills in order to facilitate the school-to-work transition for youth in an interactive and engaging manner.

In the upcoming few months, MoEYS officials in VOD will disseminate the knowledge and information to 103 teachers and facilitators who will implement the KAB trainings in 70 TVET high schools. In the meantime, MoEYS officials in DCD will integrate the KAB training modules into Cambodia’s high school curriculum for grades 10 to 12.

By integrating and implementing the KAB programme, the ILO hopes to instil an understanding of entrepreneurship and core business skills for Cambodia’s youth, and support the country’s economic growth and poverty reduction in the long-run.

This initiative was supported by Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) as part of the Decent Employment for Youth in Cambodia (DEY) programme, and by the Government of Japan through ILO/Japan Fund for Building Social Safety Nets in Asia and the Pacific (SSN Fund).