ILO/China Partnership Programme

Workshop on Digital Skills Development and Industry 4.0

Jointly organized by the ILO/China Partnership Programme, and the Skills Development Institute, Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of Lao People's Democratic Republic, the Workshop supports reskilling and upskilling initiatives in Lao PDR

ILO-China Partnership Programme, in close collaboration with Skills Development institute, MoLSW of Lao PDR jointly organized Workshop on Digital Skills Development and Industry 4.0 on 22 June 2022.   
The total of 44 participants represent a great number of reskilling and upskilling stakeholders, including: Skills Development Institute, Department of Employment,  Department of Planning and International Cooperation, Department of Labour Management of MOLSW, Lao Federation of Trade Union, Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, National Social Security Organization, Computer Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Technical and Vocational Education, Lao Garment Industry Association, Vocational Education Development Institute, Lao Women Training Center of Lao Women Union, Department of Vocational Training of Lao Youth Union, Institute of Trade Union, Lao Vehicle Association,  Lao ICT Association, Lao Restaurant and Hotel, Vientiane Capital Skill Training Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Vetsaphong Skills Development and Testing Center, Faculty of Engineering, National University of LAOS, Institute of Mass Media, Culture and Tourism and ILO-China Partnership Programme
Participants had active interactions on digitalization in skills development and industry 4.0 in the context of technological advancement. Specialists from Cambodia, China and ILO moderated technical sessions.
Participants had active discussions on digitalization in skills and Industry 4.0 and reached consensus on strenthening institutional capacity building for TVETs in Lao PDR.