ILO/China Partnership Programme

Monitoring of Skills Training Programmes Initiated

Missions were Jointly organized by the ILO/China Partnership Programme, the Department of Skill Development and Employment and Champasak Skill Development Center of Lao People's Democratic Republic.

ILO-China Partnership Programme, in close collaboration with Champasak Skill Development Center of Lao PDR conducted follow-up workshops on sectoral skills training on furniture and tailoring 6-8 April, 28-29 April 2022 in Champasak province and 6 May 2022 in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR.

A total of 50 trainees were consulted on relevance and usefulness of ILO-China Prartnership training workshops in Champasak province and Vientiane Capital. The monitoring found 70% trainees who completed furniture course found jobs in local furniture company in Champasak province.  About 37.5% of trainees who finished training got jobs at local garment factories in Vientiane Capital, 12.5% continue skills training at skill center and 17.5% participants moved to work abroad.
A trainee after completing up-skilling training continues working for small family business at home.
Trainees got jobs at furniture company at Champasak province.
Director General of Champasak Province Skill Development Center and National Project Coordinator of ILO-China Programme followed up with trainees who completed tailoring course and got a job with garment factory in Vientiane Capital.
Trainees start their second week (hands-on practice) to learn about sewing in local enterprise.
Director General of Champasak Skill Development Center and Project Coordinator of ILO-China Programme met with manager of local garment factory and tailoring trainer, discussing about skills training for employees, work safety and quality apprenticeship between enterprise and Champasak Skill Development Center.