Social Protection

LSSO holds training workshops on “how to communicate better and manage work more effectively” for its national and provincial staff

Among the main challenges related to social security in Lao People's Democratic Republic are low social security awareness and understanding among the people, leading to low coverage. During 22-23 February 2022, the Lao Social Security Organisation (LSSO) and the TAKSA Training Centre organised a capacity building workshop on behaviour change communication and public speaking skills for LSSO staff from the 18 provinces of Lao People's Democratic Republic. The goal was two-fold; to strengthen the interpersonal skills of provincial staff who can then take back their newly acquired skills and share with colleagues and to improve the overall interactions between LSSO and potential members.

Madam Keo Chanthavixay, Director of LSSO stated, “Social security is very important, but the coverage needs to be expanded. The main factor in achieving this is improving public relations for LSSO officers. I hope all participants can use the training in their daily work."

Anout, an LSSO public relations officer from Luang Namtha province later commented, “It is a very good training. I feel lucky to be able to participate. In Luang Namtha, the number of social security members is small which could be because of ineffective public relations methods while talking to the community. I hope to use this experience on how to identify the target audience, understand their profile, and design attractive presentation methods for each audience.”

This was followed by a second workshop on improving management skills for central-level LSSO staff during 24-25 February 2022. Participants were trained to better manage their responsibilities related to planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and report writing. The acquired skills would help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of LSSO’s operations to better implement the National Social Security Scheme.

The workshops were supported by the ILO/Korea Partnership Programme, “Supporting the Implementation of Sustainable Social Protection Floors for the Workers and their Families in ASEAN – Phase III” which supports the Government of Lao People's Democratic Republic, particularly LSSO, to gradually expand social security coverage and ASEAN member states (governments and social partners) to increase capacities in social protection, ultimately aiming to protect more vulnerable people better. Financial assistance was also received from the UN Joint Programme on “Leaving No One Behind: Establishing the basis for Social Protection Floors in Lao People's Democratic Republic” which supports the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare in several areas, with the ultimate goal of developing the national system of social protection.