ILO/China Partnership Project

Bilateral workshop of TVETs between Wuxi Institute of Technician of China and Preah Sihanouk Cambodia-China Friendship Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia

Under the Skills Development Network through South-South Cooperation initiative, the ILO-China Partnership Programme convened on-line Workshop of Cooperation and Exchange between Wuxi Institute of Technician (WIT) and Preah Sihanouk Cambodia-China Friendship Polytechnic Institute (PCCFPI). A total of 19 representatives from WIT, PCCFPI, Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSES), Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China attended the meeting. Participants agreed to discuss in more details of the cooperation at technical level and will draft the multilateral cooperation framework agreement.

On January 14th, 2022, under the coordination of the ILO-China Partnership Project, the online paired consultation and discussion about cooperation went well between Wuxi Institute of Technician and Preah Sihanouk Cambodia-China Friendship Polytechnic Institute to jointly discuss about themetic topics of TVET development and bilateral skills development cooperation. The Principal of PCCFPI Mr. Samath Bou, the deputy director of Wuxi human resources and Social Security Bureau Mr. Ting Shen, The Principal of WIT Mr. Zhenyun Li, and vice-principal Jianbin Chen, Chairman of SSEZ Co., Ltd. Mr. Jiangang Chen, General manager of SSEZ. Mr. Jianjiang Cao , and Mr. Yutong Liu, ILO-China Project Manager, Mr. Kimroeun Kouy, Cambodia National Project Coordinator, attended the online meeting.

Mr. Ting Shen, deputy director of Wuxi human resources and Social Security Bureau, said “Wuxi and Sihanouk are sister cities. We will fully support the establishment of South-South cooperation of skills development network. Relying on the in-depth cooperation between WIT and PCCFPI, we will strengthen the training of Vocational and skilled talents through multiple channels, at multiple levels and in an all-round way, train more high-level skilled talents for enterprises in Sihanouk Province.” Then, Mr. Zhenyun Li, and Mr. Jianbin Chen introduced about digitalization of WIT in their training courses and the plan of school-to-school exchange.

“The PCCFPI provides technical training at different levels and vocational skills for various of people in Sihanouk city and SSEZ, which according to government policies. Therefore, the two institutes have a lot in common, we have good basics for skills development cooperation.” The Principal of SCCFPI Mr. Samath Bou said, he also introduced the Institute and expressed their commitment of cooperation with WIT and SSEZ Co., Ltd.

Mr. Jianjiang Cao, the general manager of SSEZ Co.,Ltd., congratulated the peer-to-peer TVET cooperation initiaitve, and said that “SSEZ as a model of Cambodia-China practical cooperation, will promote the skills development cooperation on skills development in SSEZ.

The three discussed about the details of cooperation, including about exchange of vocational training curriculum, exchange programmes for trainers and trainees etc.

Mr. Yutong Liu, the Project Manager of ILO-China, summarized the concensus acheived at this workshop, and thanked for their support of a skills dvelopment network through South-South Cooperation.