ILO/China Partnership Programme

Workshop on pilot training programme on carpentry and furniture

ILO-China Partnership Programme and Lao Federation of Trade Union (LFTU) of Lao PDR jointly organized a pilot training programme on carpentry and furniture. The launch of the programme was on 30 December 2021. A total of 39 trainees and representatives (15 females) from Lao Federation of Trade Union, Training institute of Lao Trade Union, Furniture Association.

Mr Vilay Vongkaserm, Vice President of LFTU highlighted the significance of this piloting programme by LFTU in collaboration with ILO-China Partnership Programme. In the context of Covid-19, it is important for LFTU to test run re-skilling and up-skilling courses for LFTU members and job seekers. The training course will last 1 month and it consist of theory study and hands-on practice. After trainees complete the course, they are expected to receive public employment services and have good job opportunities.