ILO/China Partnership Programme shared its South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) experiences at ILO Global Virtual Skills Fair

On 21 and 22 of April 2021, the International Training Center in Turin and the Skills and Employability Branch (SKILLS) of the ILO have organized a global Virtual Skills Fair. This event aimed to promote south-south and triangular cooperation in the field of skills development by sharing good practices within and among regions related to Quality Apprenticeship, Skills Needs Anticipation, and Digital skills and digital transformation.

Tripartite constituents and relevant stakeholders from 34 countries from the Global South have been invited to participate. All participants were able to engage with other experts in this virtual fair with Augmented Reality (AR) platform and create the possibility to network around the thematic of the forum where there were 39 booths of exhibitors from different institutions to present and share their good practices.

As a panelist, Mr Yutong Liu, ILO/China Partnership Programme Manager, shared South-South and Triangular Cooperation (SSTC) experiences from ILO/China Partnership Programme on Strengthening Skills Development in Cambodia, Lao, and Myanmar which has been implemented since early 2020. He also reached out to peer ILO skills projects and international TVET institutions for alliance and long term cooperation under Skills Development Network through SSTC, a key initiative under ILO/China Partnership Programme.