Korea resources

January 2022

  1. 12th Academy on Social and Solidarity Economy - Plenary Session 4: Financial mechanisms for innovative SSE ecosystems

December 2021

  1. Extending social health protection: Accelerating progress towards Universal Health Coverage in Asia and the Pacific

    This regional report documents and analyses country experiences and lessons on the extension of social health protection coverage in the Asia and the Pacific region. It provides a detailed account of progress made, challenges encountered and remaining coverage gaps, and explores their root causes.

  2. Development and formalization in Asia: Insights from Japan, Republic of Korea and Singapore

    This report examines the historical socio-economic pathways that facilitated the creation of labour markets that were dominantly formal in nature in three advanced economies – Japan, Republic of Korea and Singapore. The case studies emphasize the complementarities between national political economy and labour market dynamics and draws lessons, where possible, for the emerging economies of today that strive to accelerate the closing of formality gaps.

November 2021

  1. Mapping the Social and Solidarity Economy Landscape in Asia Spotlight on Republic of Korea

    This brief is part of the series “Mapping the Social and Solidarity Economy Landscape in Asia” that presents the SSE landscape for six countries in Asia, policy challenges and preliminary pathways for strengthening SSE in the region. The research is part of the ILO project “Strengthening Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) Policy in Asia,” implemented in partnership with the Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency (KoSEA) and supported by the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labour (MOEL). This brief is focused on the Republic of Korea.

  2. Financial mechanisms for innovative social and solidarity economy ecosystems: The case of the Republic of Korea

    This paper is organised into four sections. The first section describes the social and solidarity economy (SSE) ecosystem in the Republic of Korea, with a focus on its roots and drivers, the main actors and stakeholders involved and the policy framework that regulates it. The second section examines the main financial mechanisms available to SSE organisations in the country, analysing their features and providing specific examples. The third section looks at the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, both in terms of its effects on SSE organisations and the potential role of the SSE in recovery efforts.

October 2021

  1. Video Production Exercise: Thailand’s Skills Standard Testing and Assessment for Bricklaying and Plastering Level 1 at the Suphanburi Skills Development Institute

    27 - 28 October 2021

September 2021

  1. Getting older: Confronting Asia and the Pacific’s ageing labour force

    Asia and the Pacific’s ageing population is a trend that is expected to steadily increase. Ageing societies means older labour forces and higher old-age dependency ratios, increasing the pressures on economies to close pension and social protection coverage gaps.

August 2021

  1. Knowledge-sharing event on extension of coverage to workers in new forms of work in Asia and Pacific, 18 May and 26 May 2021

    17 August 2021

July 2021

  1. 10 years on from the ILO Domestic Workers Convention: What has changed?

    Over half of the world’s domestic workers are in Asia and the Pacific. 10 years on from the adoption of the Domestic Workers Convention, 2011 (No. 189), Anna Olsen, Technical Specialist at the International Labour Organization’s TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme, discusses progress made and ongoing challenges for ensuring decent work for domestic workers in the region.

  2. Public employment services and unemployment benefit schemes through digital channels in Asia

    This ILO Jakarta social protection webinar explores the underlying challenges of traditional delivery mechanisms for public employment services and unemployment benefits, and the potential of digital channels to address these challenges.