Cambodia resources

March 2022

  1. Programme Brief for GOALS

  2. What works to eliminate gender inequality in the Asian garment sector?

    ILO asked industry stakeholders to share their experiences of what works to bring about lasting change.

  3. Assessing the impact - Environmental impact assessment in the textile and garment sector in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia and Viet Nam

February 2022

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    Women entrepreneurs connect across ASEAN

    Networking event helps women entrepreneurs forge business relationships and draw strength and inspiration from their peers across ASEAN.

  2. Skills and Future of Work Partner Forum: National Structured Funding Dialogue

    To seek support and engagement from stakeholders to achieve its skills and lifelong learning vision, the International Labour Organization (ILO), in partnership with the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training (MLVT), held a hybrid half-day Skills and Future of Work Partner Forum, at 2.00-5.30 p.m., on 17 February 2022 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

  3. ILO/China Partnership Programme supports ToT training in Hospitality/Tourism sector in Cambodia and Registration starts now

    14 February 2022

    TOT Programme on Food/Beverage Services, Organized by Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia and ILO-China Partnership Programme, is Open for Registration

  4. Promising practices, experiences and lessons learned in eliminating gender inequality in the garment sector in Asia

    The report highlights policies, programmes and initiatives that have been successful in closing critical gender gaps in the garment industry.

January 2022

  1. The ILO-China Partnership Project Convened Online Peer-to-Peer Cooperation Workshop between Hainan Technician College and National Polytechnic Institute of Angkor

    21 January 2022

    34 delegates from Hainan Technician College, National Polytechnic Institute of Angkor, Department of International Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China, ILO and school-enterprise cooperation firms participated in the meeting. The two sides had in-depth exchanges and discussions on the specific work of cooperation. Representatives of the two colleges reached agreements that cooperation training on AI and robots would be implemented in 2022.

  2. Bilateral workshop of TVETs between Wuxi Institute of Technician of China and Preah Sihanouk Cambodia-China Friendship Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia

    14 January 2022

    Under the Skills Development Network through South-South Cooperation initiative, the ILO-China Partnership Programme convened on-line Workshop of Cooperation and Exchange between Wuxi Institute of Technician (WIT) and Preah Sihanouk Cambodia-China Friendship Polytechnic Institute (PCCFPI). A total of 19 representatives from WIT, PCCFPI, Sihanoukville Special Economic Zone (SSES), Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China attended the meeting. Participants agreed to discuss in more details of the cooperation at technical level and will draft the multilateral cooperation framework agreement.

  3. ILO Migrant Worker Resource Centre (MRC) Map

    The ILO delivers assistance directly to migrant workers and their communities through a network of Migrant Worker Resource Centres (MRCs) across the ASEAN region. These MRCs are managed in partnership with government institutions, trade unions and civil society organizations (CSOs), and provide a range of services in countries of origin and destination. As of 01 January 2022, the ILO supports or provides specific services at 51 locations across nine countries.