Cambodia resources

December 2003

  1. Garment sector continues to grow while some areas relevant to group faintings remain challenging

    The releases its 27th Synthesis Report on Working Conditions in Cambodia’s Garment Sector, which assesses compliance with Cambodian Labour Law and international labour standards in exporting garment factories

  2. Training and Employment of People with Disabilities: Cambodia 2002

    AbilityAsia Country Study Series by Paivi Poyhonen

October 2003

  1. Cambodia, ILO Forge Agreement to Raise HIV/AIDS Awareness in the Workplace

    The ILO and the Cambodian Government agree on raising awareness about HIV/AIDS and prevent related discrimination in the workplace, while initiating a U.S. funded HIV/AIDS Workplace Education Programme.

September 2003

  1. The ILO Mekong Sub-regional Project to Combat Trafficking in Children and Women

    1 September 2003 - 31 October 2008

    Working to Prevent Human Trafficking and Labour Exploitation

May 2003

  1. Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia on Cooperation in the employment of workers

  2. Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia on Cooperation in the Employment of Workers

January 2003

  1. Jobs or machines: a comparative analysis of rural road work in Cambodia

    Compares potential benefits and drawbacks of labour-based methods and equipment-based methods for constructing rural gravel roads.

January 2002

  1. Appropriate Wage Rate and Estimate of Labour Availability for a public works based on Safety Nets in Cambodia

    Employment generating public works (EGPW) are an important part of Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC’s) strategy being developed through Council for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD) to develop a comprehensive social safety net (SSN) to provide a measure of protection from shocks for the poor and vulnerable and to contribute to poverty alleviation through short-term unskilled employment.

  2. A Public Works Programme as part of the National Social Protection Strategy : A Background Note

    The national forum on Social Safety Nets held in July of 2009 recognised the need for a public works component of the SSN. A working group on such a programme in the forum concluded that “the programme should be perceived not only as short-term rural infrastructure development but also as the contribution to the growth of other related sectors (e.g. agriculture, health, education)” This is important in the context of the experience with public works programmes elsewhere in the world.

  3. Final Progress Report : May-December 2009 - Village Infrastructure Development and Employment Creation through Pro-Poor Employment-Intensive Investments in Dak Sorsor Settlement Area Battambang, Cambodia

    This report presents and summarises the full details of the consultant site visits, surveys,work inspections relating to the design and improvement of village infrastructure in the settlement of Dak Sorsor in Battambang Municipality. The project has provided support to the municipal government of Battambang in its efforts to reduce poverty through pro-poor infrastructure investments and the use of employment-intensive work methods to improve living conditions and at the same time provide cash employment. The improvement works included upgrading of village access roads, drainage, water supply systems and sanitation.