Cambodia resources

January 2005

  1. Report to the Government on employment injury insurance in Cambodia: legislation, financing and administration

    Presents recommendations for the gradual extension of social security coverage to employment-related injuries and occupational diseases in Cambodia.

  2. The work of the ILO in Cambodia

    Explains ILO’s Decent Work agenda and specific activities programmes for economic and social development in Cambodia.

October 2004

  1. COMMIT Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation against trafficking in persons in the Greater Mekong Sub-region

  2. Experts assess progress in improving Cambodian home workers safety and health

    ILO experts goes to Cambodia to review the progress of the occupational safety and health trainers who has graduated from the ILO’s WISH (Work Improvement for Safe Home) training programme.

August 2004

  1. Cambodia's home workers to receive special safety training

    A four-day workshop with focus on the ILO’s WISH (Work Improvement for Safe Home) training programme is being held in Cambodia with the aim to improve occupational safety and health for Cambodia ’s homeworkers.

March 2004

  1. Struggle of Phnom Penh's child domestic workers

    A new survey by the Government of Cambodia, sponsored by the ILO, finds that almost 28,000 children are working in domestic service in Phnom Penh; often seven days a week, with little or no pay or chance to go to school.

January 2004

  1. ILO Official receives award for work on child domestic labour in Cambodia

    The Cambodian Government awards its National Construction Gold Medal to an ILO official, in recognition of work in combating child labour and raising awareness of the problem.

  2. Child domestic worker survey, Phnom Penh - 2003

    Provides information on child domestic workers in Cambodia regarding siblings, parents/guardians, and employer; education and health; living and workplace conditions; wages; and perspective.

  3. Child domestic labour in Cambodia: why it has to stop and how we can stop it

    Explores the child domestic labour situation in Phnom Penh, and the actions that are being done to combat it.

  4. Trainers' manual: women workers' rights and gender equality: easy steps for workers in Cambodia

    This trainers' manual promotes women workers' rights and gender equality in the workplace in Cambodia.