Cambodia resources

January 2006

  1. The informal economy, poverty and employment: an integrated approach - an independent evaluation

    Interim evaluation report of an ILO project in Cambodia, Mongolia and Thailand aimed at improving informal economy workers living and labour standards. Includes main findings on program design, implementation and effectiveness.

  2. Informal economy, poverty and employment in Cambodia, Mongolia, Thailand: the first eighteen month: a progress review

    Informal Economy, Poverty and Employment (IEPE) project progress review, presenting good practices and lessons learned. Includes the main results, a description of the national development frameworks, summary of work done and brief fact sheets.

  3. Linking farmers to growing markets: excerpts from a field officer's journal in Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Excerpts from a field officer's journal in Siem Reap working on an ILO/NGO project aiming at linking farmers to growing markets, by capacity building, skills transfer and training of local farmers.

  4. On the borders of legality: a review of studies on street vending in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    Collection of studies on street vending in Cambodia covering its characteristics, contribution to employment, and the role of associations in encouraging appropriate government policies that capitalize on the potential of this sector.

  5. Policy issues on street vending: an overview of studies in Thailand, Cambodia and Mongolia

    Collection of studies on street vending in Cambodia, Mongolia and Thailand.

December 2005

  1. Cambodia's labour laws under review

    A two-day international conference on possible revisions to Cambodia’s labour law is held in Phnom Penh.

  2. Indigenous and tribal peoples' perceptions of poverty and poverty reduction strategies in Cambodia

    Focuses on indigenous and tribal peoples in Cambodia; understanding the poverty concerns of indigenous as well as trends, caused and perceptions; participation in the PRSP.

October 2005

  1. Memorandum of Understanding between the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand and the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia on bilateral cooperation for eliminating trafficking in children and women and assisting victims of trafficking

September 2005

  1. Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Cambodia and ILO team up to advocate promotion of “child safe” tourism policies to prevent trafficking in children and women tourism industry

    Promoting safer environments – employers, workers and officials/staff of relevant government institutions and NGOs to receive training in counter-trafficking measures.

  2. Review of opportunities for public private partnerships in Cambodia

    This study looks at the potential for Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), understood as the involvement of small and micro enterprises in the delivery of municipal services in the urban waste, water, energy and infrastructure sectors. The report analyses present service delivery systems, reviews the existing public procurement system in Cambodia and identifies potential PPPs that can improve access to services, increase employment opportunities and alleviate urban poverty.