Cambodia resources

January 2008

  1. Institutional Assessment and Contractor Tracing: Cambodia Contractor’s Tracing Study

  2. Financial education trainers manual

    This illustrated, in-depth guide is designed to educate vulnerable groups, especially women, in financial literacy. The purpose of the training is to make women and men more informed and empowered decision-makers, able to set financial targets and reach them, whether in the household or in a small-scale business. The manual also is designed to help micro and small entrepreneurs in Cambodia increase their small profit margins. The trainer’s manual is based on material developed within the Financial Education for the Poor Project, which the Microfinance Opportunities, Citigroup and Freedom From Hunger financed.

October 2007

  1. Participatory approaches to improving safety, health and working conditions in informal economy workplaces. Experiences of Cambodia, Thailand and Viet Nam

    Participatory training programmes are increasingly applied in Asia for supporting grassroots initiatives in informal economy workplaces to improve safety, health and working conditions. These participatory programmes are easy to apply and action-oriented, and focus on immediate improvement needs of informal economy workplaces. Workers in informal economy workplaces have identified and implemented practical safety and health improvements with the support from the participatory training programmes.

September 2007

  1. Key Indicators of the Labour Market (KILM) in South-East Asia

    Labour productivity in South-East Asia and the Pacific[1] is “stagnant” compared to the rest of Asia , and not enough employment opportunities are being created, the International Labour Office (ILO) said in a new report published today.

  2. Sub-regional Mekong Youth Forum on Human Trafficking

    2 - 9 September 2007

    Mekong subregional meeting for youth on human trafficking

  3. Young people demand they be consulted in the fight against human trafficking: pledges and high level meetings 'not enough' to prevent trafficking in Southeast Asia

    Southeast Asian children and young people exposed to the risks of human trafficking are raising their voices demanding a greater say in national and sub-regional action to prevent the labour and sexual exploitation that result from trafficking.

August 2007

  1. Peace, security and work in Timor-Leste

    By Jose Assalino, Chief Technical Advisor, Timor-Leste. As a newly independent country with a fledgling economy, Timor-Leste faces many social and economic challenges. To help the Timorese people find decent work the ILO started three new initiatives, each designed to address a different aspect of the labour market while complementing each other and promoting employment, income generation and decent work.

  2. National Mekong Youth Forum on Human Trafficking

    1 - 3 August 2007

    Mekong subregional meeting for youth on human trafficking

July 2007

  1. The Mekong Women's Forum on Solidarity and Empowerment

    12 - 13 July 2007

    Mekong subregional meeting for women on solidarity and empowerment

June 2007

  1. Employment creation through pro-poor, participating and employment intensive investments (Cambodia)

    This video looks at the Rehabilitation of Urban Infrastructure Project which was piloted in Battambang, Cambodia.