Cambodia resources

January 2002

  1. Combating trafficking in children and women in the Mekong, SELL: Sharing Experience & Lessons Learned: an ILO-IPEC good practice paper

    Compiles eleven SELL notes: Baseline survey analysis; including Participatory approaches; Holistic approaches; Programme coordination; Inter-agency coordination; Capacity building; Replication and mainstreaming and Legal labour migration alternatives.

  2. A process-based approach to combat trafficking in children and women: sharing preliminary experiences from an ILO-project in the Mekong Sub-region

    Covers ILO-project combating trafficking in children and women. Includes basic organizational information, general information about the Process Based Approach, evaluation of experiences and achievements to date, conclusions and lessons learnt.

January 2001

  1. Labour migration and trafficking within the Greater Mekong Subregion: proceedings of Mekong subregional experts meeting and exploratory policy paper

    Covers a joint initiative by ILO and other UN agencies working on trafficking and migration within the Greater Mekong Subregion. Includes the proceedings of a regional experts meeting discussing an explanatory paper exploring ways to regularize migration.

July 2000

  1. Speech at the ILO Workshop on Training of Trainers Concerning ILO Standards and Cambodian Labour Law

    by Ms Mitsuko Horiuchi, Regional Director, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

November 1999

  1. Cambodia labour experts mobilize for children

    Cambodias decision-makers gather in Phnom Penh for a series of meetings on international child labour law organized by the ILO Asia-Pacific office.

October 1999

  1. Opening Address to the ASIST-Asia Pacific Review Workshop

    by Ms Mitsuko Horiuchi, Regional Director, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

  2. Opening Address to Opening New Horizons for Cambodians with Disabilities seminar

    by Ms Mitsuko Horiuchi, Regional Director, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific

  3. New horizons for Cambodians with disabilities Prime Minister opens seminar

    Seminar seeks to fuse the efforts of 15 different ministries into a coherent approach that will give Cambodians wirh disabilities a chance to generate an income for themselves and their families.

January 1998

  1. Child labour in Cambodia: an overview

    An overview of child labour in Cambodia.

  2. Combating trafficking in children for labour exploitation in the Mekong sub-region: a proposed framework for ILO-IPEC action and proceedings of a Mekong sub-regional consultation

    Presents research on the nature and magnitude of trafficking in the Mekong sub-region and outlines the key characteristics of the ILO-IPEC framework for action to combat trafficking in children. Includes the proceedings, group work and presentations of the preceding sub-regional meeting.