Youth employment resources

  1. APYouthNet Updates, Issue 7

    05 October 2011

    Provides an overview of the latest developments in the APYouthNet community and the world of youth employment in Asia-Pacific. This edition includes: G20 Labour and Employment Ministers' meeting, 42nd Pacific Islands Forum Leaders' Meeting, Postcard from Afghanistan and APYN Podcast#1.

  2. APYouthNet Community Update #6, August 2011

    31 August 2011

    Provides an overview over the latest developments in the community and the world of youth employment. This edition includes: International Youth Day, KAJAM Kabataan (Youth) Jobs and Alternatives to Migration in the Philippines, Postcard from Indonesia.

  3. APYouthNet Community Update #5, June 2011

    30 June 2011

    Provides the latest updates on what is happening in the community and in the world of youth employment. This edition includes: Postcard from the Philippines, Pacific Connection and latest resources.

  4. Initiatives on Youth Employment in the Pacific, Newsletter - March 2010

    31 March 2010

    This newsletter attempts to capture the various initiatives and interventions of the Pacific Youth Employment Project to address the diverse and complex issues associated with youth employment.

  5. MDG-F joint programme on alternatives to migration: Decent work for Filipino youth: Project flyer

    01 October 2009

    The MDG-F supports initiatives in the thematic areas including: youth employment and migration, democratic governance, gender equality and women's empowerment.

  6. MDG Fund Joint Programme on Alternatives to Migration: Decent Jobs for Filipino Youth

    01 July 2009

    Funded by the Government of Spain through MDG Achievement Fund, the International Labour Organization (ILO) together with other UN agencies IOM, UNICEF and UNFPA, supports the nation’s vision of a productive and competitive youth by exploring alternatives to migration.

  7. Guiding youth careers: A handbook for those who help young jobseekers

    31 December 2007

    This handbook is designed for use by guidance counselors and practitioners, Public Service Office (PESO) managers and staff, parents, peers, and all those from whom young jobseekers get career advice.

  8. The Pacifc’s youth employment challenge

    31 August 2007

    By Aurelio Parisotta, INTEGRATION, ILO Geneva; Margaret Reade Rounds, ILO Suva & Urmila Sarkar, ILO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. There are many obstacles facing young people like Genevieve who want to get an education and a job in the Pacific subregion. Across the Pacific subregion constituents have made decent work opportunities for young women and men a priority in their Decent Work Country Programmes and there are clear opportunities for the ILO to spearhead the UN’s role in promoting training and employment, particularly for young people.

  9. Promotion of Decent Work for Young Women and Men Through Enhancement of Employment Possibilities in Sri Lanka

    01 January 2007

    The project works to alleviate poverty, unemployment and underemployment among rural young people in Sri Lanka by helping them find work, vocational and entrepreneurship training. It also focuses on improving employment and recruitment services and is developing an English teaching curriculum for schools on plantations.