Youth employment resources

  1. BBC interview with Matthieu Cognac, ILO Youth Employment Specialist

    10 June 2012

    Why youth employment is such a problem in Asia? Which particular area of the region is the biggest concentration of the youth employment? What policies and recommendations can the ILO suggest to the government?

  2. APYouthNet Talk Show #7 - Apprenticeships in Asia and the Pacific

    01 June 2012

    This programme is all about apprenticeships and related best practices in our region. The show features views and experiences from apprentices from Australia and Germany, a policy maker from Indonesia and a young trade unionist from Pakistan.

  3. The Solomon Islands Human Security project

    01 May 2012

    The goal of the initiative is to enhance human security for the selected communities and ex-combatants in the Solomon Islands by reducing tensions and promoting peaceful and sustainable measures for their survival and dignity.

  4. APYouthNet Talk Show #5 - Youth labour migration

    01 April 2012

    Listen to Zar Ni, a young migrant from Burma, Max Tunon, ILO Sr Programme Officer for labour migration, and Matthieu Cognac, ILO specialist on youth employment, discussing with young people the issue of youth and labour migration in Asia and the Pacific. This podcast is a co-production between APYouthNet and AP-MagNet.

  5. APYouthNet Community Update #9, March 2012

    14 March 2012

    Provides an overview of the latest developments in the community and the world of youth employment in Asia-Pacific. This edition includes: Youth employment at the International Labour Conference and the Month of Youth Employment, Postcard from Timor-Leste and APYouthNet Podcast #4.

  6. Youth employment advocacy in the Pacific

    06 February 2012

    Promoting youth employment in the Pacific.

  7. PESO starter kit: Guide to understanding the Public Employment Service Office

    31 January 2012

    The PESO starter kit provides information about the Public Employment Service Office its core functions and operations. It presents ten simple steps to PESO institutionalization, grouped into phases. It also highlights best practices of well-performing PESOs that will serve as models to others.

  8. APYouthNet Community Update #8, December 2012

    30 December 2011

    Provides an overview of the latest developments in the community and the world of youth employment in Asia-Pacific. This edition includes: ILO's 15th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting, Postcard from Cambodia and APYN Podcast#2.

  9. MDG-Fund Joint Programme on alternatives to migration: Decent jobs for Filipino youth: Brochure

    30 December 2011

    With the support from the Government of Spain, the Joint Programme under the thematic window of youth employment and migration, better known as "JP YEM" was developed by the UN Country Team agencies in support to the Philippine government's vision of a productive and competitive youth.

  10. Session 2: Analysis of youth employment policy: global perspective

    10 October 2011

    Presentation by Valentina Barcucci, ILO Geneva