Advocacy and awareness activities

The GMS TRIANGLE project is engaged in a number of advocacy and awareness activities throughout the six implementing countries. Activities include campaigns to promote a positive image of migrant workers in destination countries, through the Saphan Siang and Migration Works campaigns; holding annual International Migrants Day activities; and promoting the rights of domestic workers and ratification of C189.

Promoting a positive image of migrant workers

Promoting a positive image of migrant workers in line with their contribution is a key strategy of the project. ILO research in four destination countries in Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand) found that the public have limited understanding about the need for migrants in certain sectors, the positive contribution that migrant workers make to the economy, and their rights to equal treatment. It is important to address this limited understanding, as misconceptions and negative attitudes towards migrant workers can lead to discrimination in society and in the workplace, and contribute to an environment in which social exclusion and rights abuses are tolerated. The project embarks on numerous activities to promote understanding and increase interaction, including public campaigns, youth activities, online activities, and public events.

Saphan Siang and Migration Works campaigns

GMS TRIANGLE has established and supported two campaigns to promote a positive image of migrant workers in line with their contributions in destination countries. These campaigns originated in research completed by the project into attitudes towards migrant workers. The campaigns use a combination of online and public events, activities and advocacy to try to create behavioural change and mobilise host communities to better protect migrant workers.

Saphan Siang (Bridge of Voices) in Thailand Migration Works in Malaysia

The first round of the Saphan Siang Youth Ambassadors Programme is complete! This program places young Thai students in professional volunteer roles with organisations interacting with migrant workers. GMS TRIANGLE is looking forward to seeing how the Ambassadors contribute to their host organizations and their reflections on their experiences.
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Wondering what Saphan Siang is all about? Watch a video of an event hosted by UNITE Thailand (a youth group) and DEAR Burma school (an NGO school for migrants in Bangkok).
To find out more about this collaborative campaign supported by GMS TRIANGLE, World Vision International, IOM, MTV EXIT and UNESCAP.

Migration Works Public Service Announcement in Malaysia

In line with the Migration Works campaign's efforts to promote a more positive image of migrant workers, a PSA has been produced in collaboration with MTV EXIT. The PSA profiles a domestic worker, a security guard, and a waiter, and challenges the audience to think beyond the job titles of migrant workers, and to recognize the significant contributions they make to Malaysia's economy and society. By focusing on what migrants and Malaysians have in common, rather than their differences, the PSA fosters greater understanding and appreciation of this contribution. Watch the PSA here

Celebrating migrants' contributions

International Migrants Day (IMD), celebrated on 18 December, marks the adoption of the International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. Last year the GMS TRIANGLE project hosted events in five countries, and are already looking forward to how we can positively recognize migrant workers' contributions at IMD this year. If your organization would like join with the GMS TRIANGLE project on events this year, please contact the national project coordinator in your country.

Domestic Workers Day

21.5 million domestic workers – or 41 per cent of the estimated global total – are employed in Asia. Thailand and Malaysia are large employers of domestic workers in the region, with roughly a quarter of a million domestic workers employed in each country. Given the significant number of migrant workers engaged in domestic work in Asia and the Pacific, the GMS TRIANGLE project has a particular focus on the sector. The project has produced a series of resources to inform the public of domestic workers’ rights. Visit and for more information.