ILO Organises Awareness and Buoyancy Event for Children in Adıyaman Container City on World Day Against Child Labour

News | 13 July 2023
ADIYAMAN (ILO News) - As part of its celebrations to mark June 12, World Day Against Child Labour, the International Labour Organization (ILO) organized an event for children in Adıyaman, one of the provinces hardly hit by the Kahramanmaraş epicentered earthquakes in February this year, and is home to a large population of seasonal agricultural workers.

The event was held in the Child-Friendly Area set up in the Container City established with the financial support of Ferrero under the “Elimination of Worst Forms of Child Labour in Seasonal Agriculture in Hazelnut Harvesting in Türkiye” project, implemented by the ILO in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour and Social Security.

The event organized by the Pikolo Association – a partner of the ILO that is involved in activities in the field – included theatrical performances and play activities for children. The event was attended by families and children who were affected by the earthquakes, who enjoyed their time throughout the day.

Koray Abacı, Senior Project Coordinator in the ILO Office for Türkiye, said that the ILO project team had come together with children from the earthquake-affected area on June 12, World Day Against Child Labour as part of the fight against child labor, aiming to raise public awareness of the rights of children to education and play, and to motivate families.

Commenting on the event, he said: “Following our evaluations with Ferrero, as our donor, we took action in the aftermath of the earthquake to establish a Child-Friendly Area to serve as a Social Support Centre in the container city in Adıyaman, which is a province of migration origin of many seasonal agricultural workers. This area was established for the provision of psychosocial support activities aimed at increasing the psychological resilience of earthquake victims, particularly women and children. Today, we organized a buoyancy event in the area that fits with its purpose.”

Almost 2,000 children prevented from working in three years

The project aims to contribute to the elimination of child labor in hazelnut harvesting in the Trabzon, Samsun, Zonguldak and Şanlıurfa provinces of Türkiye, and has been funded by Ferrero to the tune of more than $4 million. The ILO has reached 1,689 children and 728 families to date within the project, under which children have been directed to education and social activities rather than working as seasonal agricultural workers.

The project was initiated as a public-private partnership between the ILO and Ferrero, and has been continuing for 3 years as a collaboration of the ILO tripartite partners (the government, and workers’ and employers’ organizations).

The primary aim of the project is to prevent the employment of children in hazelnut orchards, to provide them with safe areas during the harvest, and to contribute to the prevention of child labor in seasonal agriculture. The project encourages children to continue their education and to acquire social skills, and follows up the children through regular monitoring and evaluation activities after the harvest season, in their hometowns.

The project seeks to develop the capacity of national and local stakeholders to implement actions toward the elimination of the worst forms of child labor in hazelnut harvesting. The project also aims to establish and disseminate direct response mechanisms in support of the termination of child labour in the regions where people are employed in seasonal hazelnut harvesting, and to raise awareness among producers, national and local stakeholders, and all other actors in the supply chain about the importance of eliminating child labour.