ILO Türkiye brings light on youth unemployment by “Youth and Future: Exploring A New Model of Employment” Panel

News | 05 August 2022
The Youth Employment Report released by the ILO Office for Turkey and Youth Deal Cooperative (“Genç İşi Kooperatif”) was launched on 4 August 2022 by a panel discussion on “Youth and Future: Exploring A New Model of Employment” held at the campus of Istanbul Planning Agency (IPA) jointly by Youth Deal Cooperative and IPA.

Istanbul, ILO News – Substantially changing economic equilibria due to the pandemic and global political factors impacted all segments of the society, with the youth being one of the most affected segments.

In this context, released by the ILO Office for Turkey and Youth Deal Cooperative (“Genç İşi Kooperatif”) with funding from the United States Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM) under the Supporting Resilience and Social Cohesion with Decent Livelihood Opportunities Project, the Youth Employment Report reveals remarkable data-driven evidence for policies that can improve the resilience and well-being of Syrian and Turkish youth despite adverse global changes.

Youth access to free, quality, scientific education is a higher priority than employment. The youth can only live their youth with expanding social and educational opportunities. If the current economic situation comes to an abrupt impasse, it is likely that a large wave of unemployment ensues. It is up to the youth to change that."

Mustafa Sönmez, Journalist
The research findings provide an overview of the socio-economic profile of young people in Turkey, reflect their needs and expectations in the labour market considering the impacts of the pandemic, and report their perception and experience regarding public employment services.

The panel discussion on “Youth and Future: Exploring A New Model of Employment” to share research findings with the public was opened by Mr. Oktay Kargül, Secretary-General of IPA; followed by the keynote speech by journalist Mr. Mustafa Sönmez.

Right to work is defined as a fundamental right in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The deprivation of such right is a violation. The youth wish to have decent jobs; it is their common demand to have wages that give a decent life, social facilities at work, secure work and equal treatment."

Berkin Şafak Şener, Youth Deal Cooperative
Mr. Sönmez noted that the youth had the right to quality education, and employment went into a negative orbit due to current economic limitations. Taking the floor after him, Mr. Berkin Şafak Şener, a partner of Youth Deal Cooperative, became the focus of interest for participants by his striking presentation on myths and realities of youth employment in Turkey.

The speeches were followed by a panel focusing on “Can the youth have access to decent work? What are their dreams? And what about their lives?” moderated by Ms. Zelal Yalçın, Coordinator of IPA Social Policies Office.

The programme concluded with the screening of a documentary “Çek Çek” produced and directed by Ms. Şükran Pakkan in 2022.