Results-Based Management Training Delivered to National Technical Team for Effectively Monitoring Turkey’s First Action Plan on Women’s Employment

Two-day training on “Results-Based Management (RBM)” was delivered to the members of the National Technical Team (NTT) to ensure effective implementation and monitoring of Turkey’s first Action Plan on Women’s Employment focusing on women’s employment and prepared by UTE through cooperation of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Turkey and Turkish Employment Agency (ISKUR).

News | 05 November 2021
Designed to enhance the Results-Based Management capacity of the NTT under the “More and Better Jobs for Women Programme” implemented by the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Turkey with funding from Sweden and contribute to the creation of a draft monitoring framework for ISKUR’s Action Plan on Women’s Employment, the two-day online training on 3-4 November 2021 specifically aimed to ensure effective implementation and monitoring of the said Action Plan on the basis of gender-responsive Results-Based Management.

Gender-Responsive Results-Based Management and Monitoring is at the Heart of Training

The training delivered to the NTT comprised of the representatives of various public agencies, NGOs, and workers’ and employers’ confederations provided information on the key concepts relating to Results-Based Management, monitoring and reporting. It also included practical exercises on how to execute gender-responsive planning, management, monitoring and reporting which would contribute to developing recommendations/suggestions and technical skills for the purpose.

Addressing what Results-Based Management is, why it is important and how it is exercised, the training also treated the general structure of action plans, what they meant in the context of Results-Based Management, and how they should be implemented.
While the training on one hand focuses on Results-Based Management, it is also centred on a gender-responsive methodology for results-based monitoring and management.

Phase I Produced the Action Plan, Phase II Pursues Gender-Responsive Results-Based Implementation and Monitoring

ISKUR’s Action Plan on Women’s Employment was produced under the Phase I of “More and Better Jobs for Women Programme” (2013-2018) to increase women’s employment, provide women with access to decent work, support ISKUR’s women-oriented employment policies and services, for implementation by ISKUR.

The Phase II of the said programme (2019-2022) involves the monitoring of the said Action Plan through Results-Based Management philosophy in a gender-responsive approach. Aiming to enhance the capacities of NTT members to create a monitoring framework, the training dwelled on the monitoring and evaluation framework as one of the most important tools for the Results-Based Management of the Action Plan.

The Training Was First Delivered to ISKUR HQ Staff

The gender-responsive RBM training for NTT was first delivered online on 7-8 June 2021 to ISKUR’s HQ staff who were responsible for effectively implementing and monitoring the Action Plan. The same training will be delivered to the members of Provincial Employment and Vocational Training Boards (PEVTBs) to ensure that the Local Action Plans prepared in Phase I of the Programme should be monitored through gender-responsive RBM methodology.

The Process Will Continue with Local Action Plans

Through a series of workshops following the training courses delivered to ISKUR and NTT, the Action Plan will be reviewed and finalized, then the process will continue for the monitoring of Local Action Plans through gender-responsive RBM methodology with the support of PEVTBs.