The Jordanian Delegation’s Visit to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

News | 01 September 2021
The Jordanian delegation consisting of General Director of the Jordan Cooperative Corporation Mr. Abdul-Fattah Al-Shalabi, Assistant Director of the Badia Rehabilitation Program Eng. Hatem Abo Roman, President of the Cooperative Economic Association of Military Retirees Mr. Muhammad Al-Fahmawi, a representative of the private sector Mr. Khair El-Din Shaheen paid a visit to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in order to get acquainted with the Turkish experience in cooperative work, especially on training and entrepreneurship.

After the reception of the Jordanian Delegation, The Istanbul Municipality Team presented a visual presentation in which they showed the most important projects such as the very recent one with ILO “Cooperative Incubator Center and how it will function”, and the challenges generally cooperative work faces in Turkey, including the stages of addressing and overcoming the challenges. Those challenges were based on surveys and studies in their entirety that are logical and realistic and applicable in addressing them such as via laying the foundations to address challenges, developing an action plan, implementing projects, support mechanisms etc. The IMM highlighted their ways of networking and linking cooperatives with the local community and relevant institutions in order to increase the marketing of products or the purchase of association products by the municipality directly. It is also circulated to all municipalities in Turkey that play the role of supporting partner for cooperatives.

The IMM Team’s high level of hospitality was highly appreciated by the Delegation. The delegation was satisfied in exchanging and seeing the pioneering experiences in cooperative work which might also be applicable in Jordanian model especially in implementing the outcomes of the national strategy of the cooperative movement (2021-2025), which was approved by the Council of Ministers and launched in partnership with the International Labor Organization with regard to benefiting from experiences.

The cooperation projects with IMM are realized under the project “ Decent Work Opportunities for Refugees and Host Communities in Turkey” funded by the United States Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (USBPRM).