Working to Eliminate Gender Wage Gap in the World of Work at Country Level, ILO Embarks on Achieving Equal Pay at Enterprise Level

Having released a joint report with the Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT) on estimating the gender wage gap (GWP) with a view to achieving gender equality and eliminating GWP in the world of work, the International Labour Organization (ILO) Office for Turkey now embarks on measuring GWP at enterprise level.

News | 15 July 2021
The ILO Office for Turkey held an online training session on 14 July 2021 on how to measure GWP at enterprise level, how to reduce it, and what actions enterprises can take to that end with an overall objective of more effectively implementing the principle of equal wage for work of equal value between women and men in the world of work.

The training organized under the “More and Better Jobs for Women Program” implemented by the ILO Office for Turkey with funding from Sweden drew an attendance of representatives of cooperating public sector, private sector, civil society and trade unions and academicians and trainers working on the matter as part of the Program.

ILO-TURKSTAT Report: GWP 5.1% at public sector, and 15.3% at private sector

The ILO Office for Turkey in partnership with TURKSTAT published a joint report “Measuring the Gender Wage Gap: Turkey Case” in September 2020 to capture the current situation of GWP at macro level in the Turkish world of work, estimate the GWP, and guide the formulation and implementation of policies to reduce GWP.

The joint report of ILO Turkey and TURKSTAT estimated the GWP at 5.1% in the public sector, and 15.3% in the private sector in Turkey. The training session pursues a goal of reducing such gap relying on the mentioned data.

Goal: Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value both at Enterprise Level and National Level

Building on the findings of the report, representing a continuation of work at macro level, and aiming to develop technical capacities of enterprises on equal pay, the training on “Capturing GWP at Enterprise Level and Possible Measures” intends to help enterprises measure and reduce GWP at enterprise level.

Ms. Tuba Burcu Şenel, Employment and Entrepreneurship Officer at ILO Turkey, opened the online training session and gave the floor to Ms. Sian Webb, Vice President of Gapsquare, a UK-based entity which advises enterprises to work on wage gaps between demographic groups including gender.

Training Focused on Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting, Benefits and Challenges for the Enterprise

The training focused on such topics as data collection, analysis, reporting, benefits to the enterprise and potential challenges in investigation.

Key to Solving the Problem: Awareness, Training, Guidance and KnowledgeTtransfer

The training involved interactive practices and exercises, and participants were informed that the reasons behind the inability to fully measure the GWP at enterprises might be associated with a set of variables including varying notions of key concepts at enterprises, lower rates of women at management positions, and lack of knowledge where to start to measure. Guidelines and manuals on the matter might guide the enterprises through the process, and awareness raising might be equally important, according to participants.

Ms. Sian Webb, Vice President of Gapsquare, noted that many enterprises in the world had GWP and training and knowledge transfer were key to solving the problem, and emphasized that the issue had many dimensions for enterprises which might have varying priorities, viewpoints and starting points.